Comprehensive Course on U.S. Bachelor's Degree

Everything you need to know about pursuing your bachelor's degree in the U.S.

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American Colleges is the unbiased, unadulterated, authentic source of information, and well outside any influence of universities. We truly get to put the student at the epicenter and provide tailored guidance to their respective needs. Start your learning journey now with Mr. Patriek Karayil, who is an MIT graduate and a Former Vice President of U.S. News Global Education.
  • What subjects to get a degree in and what concentrations are trending well?
  • What research options you have?
  • Is the U.S. degree recognized in India and other countries?
  • What options are available for scholarship and funding. Can you get a scholarship later if not for first year?
  • Which states in the US should you consider living in. How is the safety and living expenses?
  • What employ-ability options exist during after finishing your education?
  • Learn about OPT, CPT, Internship, On-campus jobs. How to think about H1-B visa post education.
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