Do you have any relatives in the U.S.?
Are you planning to study in the U.S. and have relative staying in the States? Should you disclose it or not in your F-1 visa application? Will this lead to your visa approval or denial? There are so many questions around relatives that a student can think of. Don't get puzzled, and watch this video by Mr. Patriek Karayil, an MIT graduate himself and a Former Vice President of U.S. News Global Education.
During all his experience in the field of higher education in the U.S., Patriek has worked with over a dozen U.S. universities and has counseled thousands of students and liaised with U.S. embassies and visa officers.

With his experience and government statistics, he has come up with a complete course on visa guidance available easily for the students seriously planning for their studies in the U.S. There are various questions related to your visa application and interview and knowing the precise answers to these questions is paramount and that’s what this course is all about. Come join the course & get on your path to visa success!
MAY, 21 / 2020

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