Why you should transfer to a U.S. university and complete your Bachelor's Degree from the US
Benefits of Transferring during your bachelors
1. Get a U.S. Bachelors degree for only 2 years of Investment - Excellent ROI !

2. Work in the US for 3 years for STEM concentration or 1 year Visa Free for Non-STEM concentration

3. Access elite U.S. Universities for Masters degree because you have now a U.S. Bachelors degree!

4. Post Masters degree, you can again work in U.S. for 1-3 years Visa Free based on concentration

5. Standout in your Visa Interview, since the number of student transfers are minimal.
How I can help guide you

Learn about which universities will be a great fit for your transfer profile
Based on your current concentration and field of study learn about the different universities that would offer transfer opportunities to complete your Bachelor's degree in the U.S. Maximize your chances of securing that great education and the career in the U.S.

1-on-1 Session format
Sessions are Video Conference calls
Each session will last 75 mins (1 hr 15 min)
Prior to the session
As part of the scheduling form - you can select an available slot based on convenience.

An intake form will be provided to address your specific need and questions prior to the video call
During the session
All Video calls will be through Zoom. The attendees can be students and/or parents.

We will discuss the specifics of your situation and actionble next steps are provided.
After the session
An email summary of the discussion will be provided.

A clear framework and next steps will be outlined for the student to act upon.

Register for your private session to Learn about Transfer Opportunities!
The cost of this exclusive session is $300.
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